Rabies Vaccine

Why you need Rabies vaccination at Hydro Medical?

  • Administered by registered & qualified health professionals.

  • Rabies is 100% preventable with vaccine

  • Cashless. Fully covered by your insurance

  • 24hour ready rapid response

  • any bite by invaccinated random animal can cause rabies

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I attended this clinic after a monkey bite that required promt medical assistance. The staff were just incredible! So helpful in contacting my travel insurance to ensure I could receive my treatment as soon as possible. The Doctor/s gave me a very thorough consultation and the nurse checked all necessary vital signs. Everything was explained to me, and most importantly the clinic actually had the necessary drugs! Many clinics in Bali donít carry one of the specialised rabies treatments so it was wonderful that I did not have to wait or go elsewhere to get it.
The injections were painless, they kept me comfortable with water and wifi while I waited and they were also very attentive and followed up with me every day to make sure I had no reactions.
Most importantly, all of all the staff were professional, extremely kind and kept me in good humour throughout what would usually be a very stressful experience!

Candace Foy-Moxey

Was bitten by a dog last week, and went to Unicare. The doctor and nurses were very meticulous, explained every step of the procedure thoroughly, and went through what i had to do afterwards. The space was clean and hygienic, the staffs were polite and friendly. Great service~

Returned yesterday for follow-up shots. They have a wide range of vaccines and such, which was nice. The doctor and nurses were ready when i came and everything went as smooth as shots could. Very comfortable.

Thank you 🙂

Olivia Erika

We came here in February 2019 for a series of rabies vaccinations after my boyfriend was scratched by a bat. Hopefully you don’t run into a scenario on your vacation where you have to go to a clinic, but if you do, you can feel totally comfortable at this one.
The entire staff were extremely meticulous, patient, careful, and made sure we understood every step in the process. They are extremely fast repliers and communication is easy with them. They even went the extra mile by helping us call our travel insurance in Canada when we didn’t have any international credit on our phones. They were also extremely helpful when it came to figuring everything out regarding travel insurance. To top it all off the staff all have a great sense of humour which really helps in stressful situations like these!
We 100% recommend this clinic 🙂

Kiani Siu

How many doctors turn your unfortunate holiday monkey experience into a series of entertaining photos to remember forever?
Dr Diah and the whole team were knowledgeable, professional, and sincere. Even when chasing up insurance or updated country-specific medical advice around the clock, they were quick to message that it was sorted, the other required shot was in, or even to send the nurses to my hotel in the evening to deliver tablets Iíd forgotten.
Even with some of the more challenging patients who came in while I was waiting, they were courteous and considerate. No injury was treated as less worthy of their time.
As much as I never want to repeat my experience of a medical disaster on holiday ever again, if I did this was where Iíd want to be.
Thanks again so much. Youíre the greatest!

Kat Torcasio