Hydro’s Jet Lag Reliever Drip



Great option for IV hydration, energy boost, liver detox, and can even help battle jet lag completed in less than 30 minuets and includes:

  1. 500ml of IV hydration
  2. IV vitamin B complex
  3. IV vitamin C + Collagen
  4. IV Glutathione



Note: an additional fee will be charged if the patient is oncall and there is additional therapy outside the existing package


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Hydro’s Vitamin And Hydration Therapy

Hydro’s Vita Paradise offers an intravenous therapy to promote optimal health and wellness, high dose vitamin C and other nutritional supplements that act as crucial “health assistants” in support of your wellness  game plan. Too much time in the sun, as well as alcohol intake can deplete your vitamin stores and lead to low energy levels, fatigue, depressed mood, and higher likelihood of getting sick.  Vitamin therapy can get you back to feeling good and enjoying your vacation

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Foreigner Prices

1 Hydro’s Rejuvenation (Vit. C Collagen) 1st month : once in a week 2nd month : once in two weeks 3rd month & front : once a month IDR 270K
2 Hydro’s B12Shot IDR 230K
3 Hydro’s B Shot IDR 256K
4 Hydro’s Brightening Shot (Glutathione)
  • Once every week two weeks or once in a month
IDR 420K


  1. B12 Shot: increase energy, sport recovery, weight loss, improve mood
  2. B complex: six B vitamins, improve energy level, weight loss, manage carbs
  3. Vitamin C: reduce wrinkles, flu resistance, reduce fatigue, bone health
  4. Gluthatione: skin whitening, antioxidant